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Date Created:07/15/2004
Number of Posts: 375

The Crazy Lady Down the Street. Really. Weird items hang in windows and on the walls. Potions steep in differing sized containers. Books strewn about and a laptop nearby. Kind in a hard-to-see way.
Strengths: Fiercely loyal, ridiculously naive, and oddly cynical. Smart, quick witted with a quick mouth to match. Sexy.
Weaknesses: See above.
Special Skills: Death by look. Guilt by a turn of a phrase. Knowing what is in your head and your heart, often before you do.
Weapons: Eyes, mouth, words. I don't need much else.
Things that I enjoy, but rarely mention or have time to indulge.: Dance shows. Writing. Painting/drawing. Classical music. Jazz music. Walking in the park. Baking. The ocean.

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