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It is all jalilifer's fault you get this brag!

My youngest finished his first year of high school 2 weeks ago. He took to high school in such a way we had his DNA tested to see if he really was the same kid. Granted we short-changed him in a way compared to the other two. He was so sick for so long and even when we got his health more stable we just didn't expect as much, letting him get away with sliding by on minimum (for this house) grades, meaning he got mostly A's and B's, and only mildly told off for the C's. Like I said, once he was stable we should have stepped it up a bit. That would have been in middle school. But, eh, lazy perhaps? Fearful that he wasn't as bright as the other two maybe? We knew the others had despised the gifted program after they changed teachers and so we thought no reason to torture the child more. In his earliest years he wouldn't have been pulled for it anyway he missed so many classes. Anyhoo ... this year he opted when doing his schedule to take the harder than the basic courses. I was confused. I thought the "academic" classes were basic and the others were the AP classes. Turns out there are 3 tiers of classes, so he chose the middle ones. His final grades were all A's and 1 B. He was *pissed* - at himself. The B came because of a project not turned in. He claims the teacher lost it, I told him (again) he sucks as a liar. I told him he just was not mad enough to have done a 30 point project that the teacher lost. He in fact wasn't mad at all, just terrified when 3rd nine weeks he got a C. Heh. He learned from it though, so good. Anyhow - we all told him he kissed some serious ass this year - woot! 3.8 something GPA. He's continued to mature into a kinder gentler Kevin. More considerate. More appropriate. Happier. The child I had when I went part-time 1 1/2 years ago is so not the teenalmostyoungman I have now. Amazing.
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