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50 book challenge

Well, funny enough, I now will have the time for this, but not the income to purchase - lol - most of the "I want to read" list are items I want own. The last year and 1/2 have been pretty horrendous with havoc in my personal life and work just kept pounding and pounding and like the eternal optimistic idiot I am I thought I could push right through and not lose sight of anything. HA! Erdiert. So, lost my focus and said "hhhmmm ... my sanity and the sanity of my family, or continue as is ... hhmmm ..hhhmmmm ..." so I stepped down from my position to part-time nonmanagement. Ego blow on the "I can't be all things all to all people all the time", but huge sigh of relief to make a choice that puts my sanity ahead of the almighty pocketbook. Money will be right tough for awhile because of no guarantee of hours, but what can ya do? No more impromptu "toys", no more impulsive generosity ~~sigh~~, but for regaining balance, deepening my studies, and actually seeing my family through eyes not slitted with fatigue ... so worth it in the long run.

I may blow the dust off of my library card and start grabbing fiction. Anyhow, last year, I started a gazillion (just seemed like it), read part and put away, then came back and finished. Let's see ... if we count rereading ones from either years ago or to chunk it into my memory, then I may just hit 50. Two of ones I finished took me almost a year to pick up, then read, stop, read, etc. lol

A Witch Alone (Marian Green) - finally finished. Started off well with, then put it down, then up, etc.

The Healing Craft (The Farrar's and G. Bone) - this one was struggle to read, I kept losing interest either because it seemed "well, duh" or the writing style was hard to get past, but good intro book that touches on many areas and in fairness I need to reread it.

Grandmother Moon (Z Budapest) - because I was told I would like Z and I did enjoy her stories, though I didn't read all the spells. This one was lent so I had to give it back.

Paganism (Higginbothams) - this I read for the paganism 101 course we're teaching at the UU (I'm just a helper, the CUUPs founder is the intructor) and it is a good intro book that isn't totally Wicca centered. I think it belabours the point about potentially being uncomfortable with the beliefs presented in the book based on past experience, but I guess for some it is necessary. Decent exercises in it. Not condescending. Quibbles were minor. I would recommend it to people with little to no idea about Paganism as a broad look at the path as a whole, but I'd also tell them it is leans Wiccanish.

Well anyway, I will probably just be listing titles after this. I'm planning on reading Spiral Dance again, well, I may not count that one as I plan on rereading only parts of it. :P~ And I believe I have Truth and Dare up there, too, not read, and Drawing Down the Moon, funny so many unread. I'm still learning my herbs and oils and I've neglected that in the last year also. ~~double sigh~~

However - the very good thing I started learning last year was how to work with a group, how to write a public ritual, how to facilitate the group (not down pat, but learning the "necessaries"), and really how to increase my ease within a group - the last one is the hardest of the lot. But that's where my focus has been and it has been good, so I didn't completely blow off my spiritual side the last year, but I didn't nurture it as I should have, either.

Well, new position, new year, things are looking up!

(Didn't proofread - feel free to correct.)
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