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My letter is A
The meme: 10 words that start with your letter, with some description of what they mean to you. Comment on this to be given a letter of your own. (Or let me know you're not playing, and I won't give you a letter if you comment.)

Brought to you by the letter A, the number 10, and elfwreck

Asshat: One of the best visual images with a punch for people who act like idiots. I try to use it frequently. You'd be amazed how much opportunity life gives for use of that word.

Apple: One my favorite fruits fresh in summer and the only fruit pie I truly love. I make the *best* apple pie! Apple=summer to me. Crisp outer skin bright with color, firm inner meat, juicy yet not messy. And hey, you can cut it in half and do that cool pentacle thing.

Autonomy: I need this. In just about every aspect of my life. I feel small and shriveled when I do not have it. Being controlled is like being in prison. It is indeed a strong personality quirk of mine.

Art: It makes my soul sing. I love most all kinds or art from paintings to sculpture to music to dance. My life would be emptier without it. My dad painted and wrote. My brother painted. My mum played the organ and I the clarinet and oboe. I painted, I write, I dance. I miss dancing (damn neck!), but I will dance again.

Antagonist: Because everyone deserves a good adversary <---- see, other "a" word, on some occasions.

Apathy: Something I am not about things I care about, but it is one of the really good words that sounds like its meaning. You know the words I mean - like "squish", sounds like its meaning.

Aardvark: One of the weirdest looking animals created with a name with a cool spelling.

Antithesis: Everyone must love this word. See "apathy" for why.

Adenocarcinoma: I hate this word because it is what my mum has, but it insisted on being included.

Avid: I am an avid reader, of the internet, of magazines, or books, of the internet .... oh .... I am avid about my Craft and my religion. About my family and friends. Not to be confused with aphid.

A was hard.
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