pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Spring Eqinox rite (notes for later)

Balance, light and dark. Fertility, new growth or seeding for crops. Reclaiming the light (after the equal night/day of equinox, light is on our side); sowing seeds = beginning something anew to be tended as the year continues.

Herbs/roots/resins - drawing herbs, yes? Like thyme, basil, allspice, parsley, benzoin resin, lucky hand, mandrake, skullcap for money drawing. Love drawing - bay, dill, ginger, lavender, rue. Draw health - dill, rue, fennel, bay, mugwort, rosemary.

Oils - money drawing - cinnamon, vertiver, patchouli, pepermint, basil. Love drawing - lavender, cedar, orange, patchouli, lemon, vanilla, ylang-ylang. Draw health - juniper, palmarosa, rosemary, cinnamon, cedarwood.

The above lists are not exhaustive, but what I have on hand off of the top of my head (without checking the "magical pantry".) Others that are "must haves"?

We always have a craft at our open rituals. My craft tends to be .... drum roll ... herb and oil charms! Whoever would have guessed? What can I say? It is what I *do*, it is ... not easy for me, but pulls as I've said before, has for years with decent success.

So, spring=beginnings=plantings=later manifestations.

I may bring ingredients only in herb form since I cringe at the thought of my oils getting spilt or worse, pipettes of one contaminating another. Hhhmmm .... maybe I can mix a money and love and health drawing blend, then people can use of of those accordingly, a few drops added to the charm. Maybe not do my drawstring bags as the container .... a store may have "cute" little containers, just to mix it up a bit.

Add seeds to the charm, for growth - maybe bird seed would work, or maybe something I mix by hand. The seed packets should be out soon.

Ok, craft done. Design a chant to raise energy to charge the charms. That will take time.

I'd like also, to do the cleansing differently than usual. If I can find woven rattan small fans to string little jingle bells onto the end - I saw an amazing woman cleansing auras, jingling away the outer layer of stress off of people at Spiritfest by sweeping it away with the fans. Top to bottom, then out. It was quite the thing.

Ok, notes became notebook. Enough for now. And musiquephan - I did it without the wine! *snicker*
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