pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

After a couple of decades

I guess I must admit that what I've always referred to as "one of my headaches" are really migraines. They are consistently the same, debilitating, and luckily still fairly rare. Sadly they've become less manageable with the years, but as they are still infrequent I can deal with them (since I have no choice).

Today's forced me to go to work 4 hours later than I was scheduled. I really shouldn't have gone at all. but the one girl could leave at 2 if I went in and it is so incredibly rare for her to get to go at 2 on Saturday I just couldn't do that to her. So to bed i went for the 3 1/2 hours, warm compresses, too nauseated to take a pain killer and hoped that sleep would bring a bit of relief. It brough very little, but enough to get most of soft pretzel in me so I could take a motrin without barfing on customer's shoes.

Go me.

I feel like shit.
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