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Tagged by blackthornglade 5 weird habit meme

The rules: If you get tagged, you must post an entry listing 5 “weird habits” that you possess. Then you must pick 5 more people to tag, and list their names at the end of the entry.

Five? I must think of five??

1) I chew nicorette gum like a fiend. Yeah, that's so much healthier than cigarettes.

2) I kiss my cats goodnight on the head.

3) I have to have the head rest thingie in the car all the way down, otherwise it feels like someone is looking over my shoulder and it's quite distracting.

4) The garbage disposal must be run twice every time I use it - on, off, on, off, to make sure all is ground completely.

5) Litter pan gets scooped - the "bits" must go in a zip lock bag before it goes in the trash. No other kind of bag will do.