pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

This is my week off and I seem to be taking the "off" part seriously

Perfect time to do a bunch of herbs, do my dedication for Jet's course, bake holiday cookies, tidy up some more holiday shopping, etc. Heh. Um - none. hahahaha. Well, I attempted the shopping. Simple things, really. My grandson looked around the new apartment and said to my daughter, "Mom, this place needs more dragons." lol More yes. There are *none*. So I was told this and said "Yay! Dragon statue for Tyler! Woot!" I went to one of my favourite stores - out. None. Zip. More are coming next week. Okay good. And I found a nice glass box for the daughter so it was worth the trip.

My son wants "just the money to buy clothes". No, nobody gets "just the money". You need at least one surprise to open. So ... he'd seen a shop that advertised $18 for a dozen pair of work pants. He said they had Khakis. Nope. Only blue. Khaki is the mandatory work color. Ok ... so off I go to Dollar General. For those who don't have this store around the prices are rounded to the nearest dollar. I bought a phone 2 weeks ago, wall phone, caleer ID - $10. I like this store for odds and ends like that. I've gotten work pants there for my son in the past. $10 a pair, which sounded good until the $18/dozen, but .. what can ya do? Do you think they had his size? Hell no! All way too big. Humph.

Next stop was the pet store, but on a whim I decide to look at Dollar General for litter and a cat carrier. Well, at least they had that and reasonably priced.

Monday dh and I had to change around some financial stuff. Yesterday he had an endoscopy. All looked good, no idea where the chest pain is coming from as the ECG was good and we assume the chest x-ray was, also. He's been on prilosec for a year, so it may be it is doing it's job and that's why the pictures were so good or it could be that he doesn't need it. Ha. Could be having esophageal spasms, too, which won't show up with a scope unless it occurs during. So that was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. So things got done, but ... oh well, next week will come around! :-)

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