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It was a success!! Woot! We had gorgeous weather - perhaps a little too gorgeous which kept some people away, but better than horrid weather which would have had many not even leaving their homes. It is weird like that around here with the change of seasons. The first several days of miserable weather after good weather makes people homebound. Once we're into the new season enough that they are convinced the old season truly isn't coming back they leave their homes again.

Every vendor I spoke with said they had a good day and others spoke to ones I didn't. We received compliments on organization, the look of the room, and the good use of space. It is an awkward space to fill properly, but it worked. Next year that shouldn't be an issue as we'll use hotel banquet rooms. (No thinking about next year yet!)

The workshops went well, some better attended and better presented than others. I only got to attend three, I would have preferred to do more. We had them at 1/2 hour slots and I'm thinking 45 minute slots would be better. One hour slots are too long away from the vendors unless you overlap workshops so patrons must choose their favorites and I'm not certain I like that idea.

I bought some wonderful items and wish I'd had more money to spend. I had my first "pro" reading ever and she is an amazing woman, in more than just readings. I still felt weird paying $30 for a reading which was almost a 1/3 of what I had to spend for Kev an I, but after the reading it felt to be a good investment. Kev declined all items except the henna. Wait, that is inaccurate - he wanted the sword (um, no - you're 14 and don't do rituals with swords. And he wanted a $160 necklace. Um, just no. I was mean. Le sigh. Kev and a friend's daughter manned the food table most of the day, and boy were they troopers! Some people who were to spell them out ditched (the bastards), but they kept their cheerful composure in spite of it. They were great and only mid-teenage!

We didn't make a lot of money, but for a first time out that is unimportant. The most important thing in a first time fest is to make certain the vendors have a good day. If you can do that then their word-of-mouth will carry the profits next year. We made some money which is good and it can be funneled into next year's Fest, but more importantly, it was worth the vendor's while to be there!

Apparently this is musiquephan's year for Blasts from the Past™. First Zon from 22 years ago and then Daimon who introduced her to the craft about 20 years ago. He was a vendor! How cool is that! And they'll get to play catch up now that they've "met again" and it should be wonderful for both of them. :-) Plus, Daimon is a great, funny guy who I buy supllies from so even better that he has the trust of my friend.

Our vendor item filled wellness basket was raffled off and it was chock full of goodies so the winner should be quite pleased. I was hoping one of my older kids had won it because they would have had a blast, but it may have looked fixed it that had happened even though they paid their entrance fee like everyone else. Heh.

We had one complaint about one vendor, a reader who didn't give the full time for the money (we were told by 1 patron makes me think there were more complaints left unspoken). That vendor won't be invited back next year. It wasn't "short a few minutes" - it was paid for 20 minutes, got 3 and 1/2. She presented the complaint as an FYI and apologized for mentioning it when she saw our faces. We were horrified and thanked her for letting us know and gave her a free t-shirt, but still we felt badly. ~~shakes head~~ That vendor packed up and left early, slipping past us all unseen prior to the complaint.

So, except the one complaint it went swimmingly. Yay for our CUUPs group! We rock!
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