pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Gratitude Project

 I've decided to officially retire myself from the gratitude project. I find myself to be well blessed, extra lucky, and holding gratitude every day. This to me was the point of the project...to get to this place. A huge shout out to [personal profile] estaratshirai who began this project back in 2004. I've done it every year, but I dropped it partway through last year. 🤷‍♀️

I have a loving and supportive community around me (online and offline) including family, friends, and spiritual groups. I am blessed with not wondering how I'll pay the bills or if food will be on the table to eat. My chronic illnesses are generally stable. A lifelong dream of owning a house at the beach became a reality a few months ago. Life is good and full, and I am deeply grateful. 

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