pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

McCain is dead. R

Honestly, I can do the "R", but the "IP" has to wait until he does his afterlife work.

John McCain is dead.  As stated before, I don't believe rose-coloured glasses for the dead serve anyone, least of all the dead. Let them do their work at the Roadhouse, let them see clearly their actions with all the hubris associated with some of them and all the glory with some others and the big mess in between those two.

Human beings are complex. Forgetting that in death is how our whitewashed history gets written.

McCain was a POW, yes, but that wasn't the only thing he was, even though that experience drove most of his political decisions. He was a politician first and foremost, all about the PR opportunity, and willing to butter his bread on both sides without blushing.

Sarah Palin. Gorsuch. Iraq war supporter long after it showed failure. Voting in T*ump policies that hurt many citizens even after he knew he was dying and showing that support 83% of the time. Sure he killed the ACA bill after he knew he was dying and found compassion. Then he helped vote in T*ump's tax bill that killed the individual mandate of the ACA. He consistently voted and acted with his future legacy in mind.

Which McCain will be remembered?

War hero or politician more concerned for how history would paint him than the plight of the citizens he claimed to serve?

We know which one. You betcha.

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