pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

So, I built my ancestral altar today

White cloth, matte gold frames for the pictures, a tall and a small taper, brown chalice, and a braided wheat from a friend. The brown cup just said pick me, the braided wheat seemed appropriate since the Spirit of the grain is woven into it and it is bearded wheat to boot! The white cloth was my grandmother's. The frames are multiple frames, necessary for the space though I'd prefer individual ones.

I mixed a bottle of blessing oil, recipe compliments of cat yronwode and now I have some oils and resins (preground, thank you, Daimon!) I didn't have before. I also picked up some salt peter for incense. I will dress the candles on my altar for my private Samhain rite which I'll likely be doing Sunday night unless I think I can stay up late Monday night after having worked 10 -9. Ugh, ugh, stupid me, didn't request Monday off. Imagine my shock when I was scheduled to work followed by my greater shock that I'd requested Sat. and Sun. and not Monday. WTF was with my brain?

Tomorrow I need to make up a mojo bag for an icky corner in a friend's house. When we did the cleansing at her place there was one corner in one room that needs a little extra. Nothing horrid, but it need to be cleared. I would have done it today, but look at the time and I just finished the ancestral altar! S'ok, I'm not seeing her until Sunday anyway.

Costume party tomorrow night. I'm going as ........ a witch! So, I'll just be wearing my sweatshirt and jeans. :P~
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