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Wage Gaps, Reconsidered

One of the comments in The Thread (and that's how I'll be thinking of it for a while) mentioned the possibility of rethinking the wage gap: "how different they would look if the lowest paid workers (Latinas in this case) were $1.00 and everyone else was marked as overpaid."

Source: The Wage Gap, by Gender and Race
Find median annual earnings of black men and women, Hispanic* men and women, and white women as a percentage of white men's median annual earnings
Year: 2013
White men: 1.00
Black men: 0.751
Hispanic men: 0.672
White women: 0.78
Black women: 0.64
Hispanic women: 0.54

*Their word, not mine.

Median annual earnings of white men and women, black men and women, and Hispanic men as a percentage of Hispanic women's median annual earnings:
Hispanic women: 1.00
Black women: 1.185
White women: 1.444
Hispanic men: 1.244
Black men: 1.391
White men: 1.852

The proper phrasing isn't "Latina women make just over half what white men make." It's "White men get paid almost double what Latina women get paid." Followed by, "What are they doing for your company that's worth 185% of the money you'd pay a Latina woman for the same job? Are your shareholders aware that you're paying white men more than you pay other demographics of employees--are they happy that you're wasting money like this? Especially considering that they're over-represented in the high-income tiers?"

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