pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

The Spirits are loud this year.

Yes, my hearing is better, but the knowing feeling/thought as I was driving home tonight after our FM ritual was "the Spirits are loud this year." Hhhmmmm ... this overwhelming cannot ignore thoughtfeelings that I've had all my life, that I always called my inner voice -- I wonder if sometimes it was the Gods -- or rather that I recognize it as such, or they're the same anyway - my inner voice and the Gods' when it occurs like that. Anyway, it doesn't matter how, but it was there, the message or intuition - The Spirits are loud this year.

The past week (2 weeks?), but definitely this past week I've seen a lot of animals' spirits. Many. So many. Weird. Awesome. The Veil continues to thin. The change is upon us. The energy is swirling. The fabric of reality shimmers with the force of it. I'll listen closely as there are messages for me. The Spirits are loud this year.
Tags: pagan
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