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Walking in the park

This area of the country has blessed us with an extra large dose of humidity even here and especially for June. I started walking right at the end of May. I chose a flat route since walking in the past has been thwarted by hills. Correction. Motivation for consistently walking has been thwarted by hills. The humidity is trying to hard to replace the hills in thwarting power, but I'm drowning it in the buckets of sweat it produces. I was walking 6 miles a week. I feel better. However, another piece of walking was that I wanted to change the shape of my body. I have loved myself enough in this shape and I want my older version back. I'll accept the gravity effects of age (as if I had a choice, bless you gravity for not letting me fly off into eternal space), but the fat can bugger off. I was hoping after a month the scale would budge even a little (okay, I wanted a LOT), but as the weeks went on with no change I settled for "a little" telling myself all along that the numbers my stay the same, but my clothes will fit differently. Yet that has not occurred, either. Even with smaller food portions. Even with appropriate sleep. No wonder people get discouraged. :/

So I had choices. I could stop wasting time walking as it isn't doing squat for the body goals I have. I could lower my expectations. Or I could change what I was doing. The first one (though enticing) would eliminate what is making me feel better, plus it is summer and walking in the park is lovely. The second choice, while perhaps reasonable and a nice trick for my brain, will only sap away motivation as things remain the same. So I opted for the last choice. So this week instead of 6 miles I walked 10 miles. 

We shall see.

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