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You know how you want to like a blog post and then you hate it? Yeah this one.

TAKE BACK THE WORD BEAUTIFUL. Oops, nope, sorry you can't. Let us instead cave to Madison Ave's definition and use other words because ... um, because a guy said we should. I've read plenty of pro-women posts by men, but this is not one of them. First, he pretends to speak about all the humans, but when he gives examples of beauty and why the word beautiful should go away along with the phrase "everyone is beautiful" he defaults to only speaking about women. And he starts it early. And he gets to decide that blemishes, warts, or hair loss automatically put you in the "not beautiful" category. Because he said so. I bet he calls himself a feminist. I bet he considers his worldview to be global. Neither is true. Men who are feminists or allies of feminists don't tell women which words and phrases they should embrace and why. And they research their articles better. He mentions American Apparel's no photoshop marketing, but when he sarcastically (this part he got right) mentions the diversity in the Dove's real women campaign he fails to mention that Dove's RW photo has been "shopped". 

His viewpoint is not only very Euro-centric in his definitions of beauty and why we should stop saying everyone is so, but there is an extra dose of USA centricity in there just for fun. He uses the word "world" in reference to why we should not find beauty in everyone when he only means USA based* on his examples. You know, like World Series, except it is not. And then he tells us we should just chuck our fight against it**, give in, accept that Madison Ave and the USA culture has won, we've lost, and pick some other phrase from a set he's deemed way more better. Thanks, maaaaaan. So happy to find you know what's best for the world based on your privileged US-centric view.

*gag* Enough already. Monitor your gender's feel good phrases, not everyone else's.

The post is here.

*But the fact is, we don’t own the word. The world owns the word, and to the world, “beauty” is physical attractiveness and nothing more.
**So what can we do to overthrow the system once and for all?....Honestly, nothing. You and I can’t take on corporations and multibillion-dollar industries on our own.<----Oooooo, solidarity!

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