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"The Power of Secrets" Workshop - Save the date



 The Power of Secrets, consent and consequences

(working title which may change, but content of workshop will not)

Created and facilitated by Bone and Briar

 March 21-23, 2014

Private residence near Pittsburgh, PA

 Join us and we explore using the Iron Pentacle for dealing with secrets. We all have them, we all keep them. What does it mean to be bound in this way? Is there a shelf-life to secrets? What do you do when the secret is so old it is now stale, but you are oathed to keeping your silence? What about the secrets vowed to muteness from the world that you keep only with yourself?

 The Iron Pentacle is an outstanding and adaptable tool. Discover one more area the points can be experienced in relation to secrets. Familiarity with the concept of the Iron Pentacle is not a must, but strongly encouraged.

Mark Your Calendar, Sync Your Phone, and Come to be Transformed!

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