pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Pizza delivery, not what it used to be.

Pizza delivery guy arrives. I know this because BagelDog starts a woof-fuss. This can only be because 1) she's awake 2) the wind blew or 3) a car arrived. I grab my money, scoop her up, and watch as PizzaGuy backs down the driveway. Except he starts fine, then makes a sudden cut to the left and is coming down the front yard. o_O Not to worry. He realizes his error, pulls up back onto the driveway, throws it in reverse and cuts it harder and is aiming for the left front window. By now my "WTF!"s have raised the hubster from his chair and he runs out the front door and tells PizzaGuy (who is now out of his car having parked it on the lawn with the back end 5 feet from the sidewalk) that he is on the grass, not the driveway. "Oh, sorry. It's so dark I couldn't see." He proceeds to get back in and pull the car up, after a little turfing with his tires.
  • The pizza place is less than a mile away. It didn't "go dark" when you got to our house.
  • There is a streetlight across the street
  • There are two lights, one on either side of the driveway at the top and you managed to get your car between them at first, before cutting the wheel. Twice.
  • The porch lights are on
  • There are multiple lights along the sidewalk
  • Grass feels different under tires than asphalt does
  • Are you texting while reversing?
  • Are you a fucking idiot??
Door-to-door delivery. It does not mean what you think it means.

BTW, pizza was not hot, warm, but not hot. However the white sauce one was especially tasty. Erratic driving must improve flavours.
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