pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Fuck COBRA - fuck ADP - long ass rant!

I am ssssooooo sick of our benefits being cancelled every fucking few days, to a week to once a month. I mean WTF?? We pay, like idiots, 3 months in advance. Have been since January. One person at the company who collects our money is willing to get it fixed, during the actual phone call, and all the others will not. All others say they are not "allowed" to contact the insurance carrier directly. That the one who does it for me is "wrong" to do so. That their little computer screen says they have to "go through channels". EXCUE ME? YOU HAVE OUR MONEY! There are NO channels between you receiving our money and cashing the check, now is there? Nope. But to have coverage? It is dental benefits. Guess what? We need our dental work. We've paid the COBRA amounts - STOP FUCKING WITH US!

I should NOT have to check my benefits online every few days to make sure it is not cancelled. The dental carrier has admitted that there is problem with their feed that gets the info and it cancels people willy-nilly. It can be FIXED with a simple phone call. But NO! They say they're not allowed. And now when I leave a message for my one contact who WILL fix it. Well, apparently she was not given the message. I was assured today by a different person that my message would get to my contact.

And of course, since it seemed we finally had it all straightened out in July, and every time I checked we still had benefits - for a whole month and half straight, I quit checking. Until this weeek - on a whim, because dh and the youngest have appts. on Thursday. Yeah - of course benefits were cancelled as of 8-31-05. Why the fuck not?!?!

Emails have gone unanswered - irate, but polite emails about the service. Phone calls to the dental insurance company are useless because they can't take my word for it that I've paid. Well duh, if they could everyone would say they have benefits - I get it, but can't you fix your fucked up feed? Well, no, why should they? The longer you delay billing is the longer you delay payment. We do have a nice patient dentist. They will put up with the rebilling pain-in-the-ass crap, but you know what? They should not have to!

We never had this problem when I had the benefits premium taken directly from my paycheck. I was full-time. When I went to part-time I had to do COBRA. Luckily, my employer is to start offering benefits to part-time employees in January. I can then get back on and not have to deal with this STUPID shit.

I so hate this. ADP - the company that takes our money no problem really needs to change the way they service their customers. And to make it so much worse - they've gotten my so fed up and angry they've set me to tears 3 times! Three times! They should be proud of themselves. That in itself is quite a fucking feat.
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