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Trans-misogyny, a new term for me, but not a new concept

Because of the recent Internet focus brought to feminism being not inclusive of all women (see previous post plus other of my recent entries) in a different conversation the term transmisogony was used and some parameters were placed on it and I had a moment of confusion with those parameters. I asked a question and then Googled and between the answers and the search results I found many layers to the discrimination specifically against transgender women that I had been unconsciously aware of in spite of my efforts to be aware surrounding privilege in multiple areas. Which reminded me that all efforts I may make to be aware I will never be fully aware of some of it because I still am and will remain in this incarnation in my own body. 

So, some of the discussion was not new, but my previous exposure had been because of the Pantheacon 2011 debacle and the Lilith Ritual and a lot of awareness came from the subsequently published work titled "Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism" which was compiled to help address the mindset that led to the issue at Pantheacon. My focus on transgender issues was narrow based on what ends up in my view from just living until the different conversation I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Googling brought up some very good links, but the best one for me was this one, "A Beginner's Guide to Trans-Misogony" and I am recommending it.

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