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Privilege discussion, white male correction

There are areas left unspoken and underrepresented in discussions of privilege. In one area of intersectionality is the white woman feminist trying to silence the voice of a woman who is a POC and a feminist because all women have it equally bad under all men. And then arguing about the silencing. Then flailing. Then PM-ing. Then in a classic FB move, unfriending and snarking. A LiveJournal post followed later with a detailed explanation of why the white woman's response was not on point, inappropriate, and a symptom of the larger problem. Enter white male into the LJ discussion wherein he likens something completely different on his FB as if white privilege comments and people disagreeing with you are the same. (For transparency's sake, that reply was to another's reply and not the original post.)Then in a different reply he schools a young white woman on what her reply should have included - one thing was that white/male/rich people should be praised for working to mitigate privilege. o_O

Excellent post is here.

The beginning of it reads: 

Dear White Woman: To Whom My Pain is Invisible

Although we have met in real life, you and I have gotten acquainted through Facebook, which it seems is where all true friendships go to die. We have not spoken in years, but respond every now and again to each other’s post. But we are “friends” in only the way that modern 21st century folks can be.

I link to a blog post which calls out 
White feminism and their behavior towards Michele Obama. You reply and preface your statement with a comment about your Native American ancestry to, I suppose, establish your non-White authority—which only adds to your White authority, so you have all bases covered now.  You disagree with the author stating that White women have been in a power struggle with White men, because you say White women rank “below” all men and then you go on to boil the conversation down to “feminist bickering.”

You are, you admit, “ignorant” of feminism, but you are adamant that until men treat all women as equals nothing will change.

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