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This however is way more cheaper ;-)

 Oil blend for the upcoming December holidays.

Aromatherapy for the Holidays!

Use in a diffuser, essential oil burner or simply put a few drops on a cotton ball. You can put a drop of the blend on the tissue paper you use to wrap gifts to add a bit of zing to your gift giving!

Scents of the season will brighten your home to recall fond memories or inspire new ones. Limited time offer! Two drams for $15, shipping included to addresses in the USA.

Bring the woods indoors via cedarwood, juniper berry, cinnamon, and pine essential oils to ground you and elevate your mood with the Warm Pine blend.

Warm memories and comfort can be had via ginger, nutmeg, orange, and clove essential oils with the Sweet & Spicy blend.

Pure essential oils, not in a carrier oil, therefore do not use on skin without heavy dilution, do not ingest.

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