pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Question: What does one do when 2 of Them from very different roots lay claim??

Answer: ~dance~

In other news, I am almost back to the norm from the energy dispersal of the last week. It was an excellent Samhain with crazy high intensity. All good stuff.

Winter is my "dig in and get shit done" time. So, that:

Shadow work for this season is all about the comfy clothed barefoot me on the other side of the mirror. The labyrinth that holds the minotaur is behind me. I am at ease in a way not fully reflected in my life on this side of the mirror. I'll walk both sides until the reflections match from both views. My Tuesday night peeps will understand where this image comes from, but the idea is understandable by all.

Hail the dark half of the year! May it be Blessed!

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Tags: shadow work
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