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Sabbat Contests, Showcasing Creativity

Bone and Briar wants your creative side to shine! Introducing Sabbat contests. At each Sabbat we will host a short contest and randomly choose a winner for a prize! The contest will be posted about a week prior to each Sabbat (northern hemisphere specific) and the random drawing will occur the day after the contest closes. Media used for creating the entry will change with the Sabbats. For example, our first one is a writing, but don’t look ahead because the next may be rendered in Play-Doh™. All entries are to be submitted via email to witches2brew@gmail.com (photos for non-written entries) and they will appear on that Sabbat’s contest page for all to enjoy. The winner will be notified via email and their winning entry will showcased on Bone and Briar’s blog. Good luck and have fun!

Reminder: submissions go to the website email posted, not here. Thank you!


Samhain contest

We'd like to hear your Samhain thoughts! Send us your musings either in poem or invocation form, not to exceed about 150 words. No, we won't be counting and there is no minimum word count. Anything related to Samhain from either established lore, your personal practice, or a mix of the two. We want to keep the parameters flexible for optimum creative flow. 

Winners will be drawn at random. Deadline for submission: midnight on Oct. 31st, 2013

PRIZE:  A 3-card tarot reading and a bone throwing reading. Prize can be had in person or via Google Hangout and will be decided based on proximity, schedules, and availability of all parties. 

Ready! Set! Go!

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