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Ask and receive

If you wanted to choose how you receive, well you should have specified that part. ~ The Universe

I broke the rug shampooer/sucker upper thingie today. I lifted it to carry upstairs (because BagelDog had a pee fest in the living room when the hubster and I were in Ohio) and the base hit off of the step in just the perfect way and angle to snap the plastic that holds the handle upright. o_O
The thing is not even or is barely a year old. Or I'm forgetting, but not more than two years old! The upside to me not throwing items away that belonged to my mum that may be useful is a carpet shampooer was living in the corner of one of the upstairs closets. It is not a sucker upper one, but it is a spikey circle things that spin one. I don't think I'm investing in another sucker upper one anytime soon. I have a small handheld one for spills I got as a perk at work 4 years ago. It works fine and the one time it stopped working fine the hubster was able to easily fix it. And was free. So .... tell the Universe you are VERY SERIOUS about decluttering and sometimes what you get is broken things the day before garbage night. So be it.

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