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Gratitude Project; Day 44

For BagelDog!! Picky, picky, BagelDog, but so smart. The picky part is often when she is offered a treat she keeps her lips tight until offered the kind she wants. Yes, there are 3 styles open. No, sometimes she has to take what she gets. Sometimes I offer the others and she ends up taking whichever she wanted in the first place, but I was too dense (in her mind) to know on first pick. Today I reached treat #3 and her lips remained tight. I said, "What? You want a comfort treat?" She wiggled and wagged and did a bounce. I went to the pantry and gave her one of those and she happily chomped it down.
Comfort treats (brand name is Composure, her size is mini) are some sort of herbal Xanax for dogs. They relieve her anxiety due to stress which in her case is from thunder or firecrackers. I had just let her back in the house and the sky had gotten dark and she was trembling, but I had heard no thunder. Didn't matter, dogs know the signs and she knew the comfort treat was the best choice. I am so amused and pleased with her. Good doggie. 

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