pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Raccoon gang in the neighbourhood

Early in the summer a raccoon came in our garage, deftly knocked over the garbage can so the lid popped off, and opened a few bags of garbage. There were banana peels and coffee grounds to be had. When I'd first heard the noises I'd thought it was YoungerBoy coming home. Then he never showed up. When I finally went down to see if a cat was playing in there I saw the strewn garbage and knew the raccoons had come for a snack.

From then on we covered the can with a cover from the grill. It's enough to keep them away from the garbage. I heard banging in the garage again tonight. I went to the window and saw the door light had been triggered, but not the spotlight. So I lifted the screen, leaned out the window, and yelled, "Hey! Get out of there!" Who knew raccoons understood English? A raccoon ran faster than I knew they could run out of the garage and disappeared into the dark back yard. Then a second one ran out a few seconds later. For some reason it didn't occur to me there might be more than one in there. Then a third and a fourth one came tearing out. o_O

Turns out the cover had not been put on the can. I wonder if they check every night to see if we have forgotten? And a second garbage can that never gets food in it was tipped over, too. I had thrown the empty bird seed bag in that one. There must have been a couple of seeds left in the bottom because the bag was dragged under the hubster's truck. I think I surprised that raccoon mid-drag and he dropped it and ran.

Like toddlers they are, getting into things they shouldn't.

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