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Snaked from pendamuse 100 things

1. I've lived in this area my whole life.
2. I used to love this area, then I hated, now I've come to terms with it.
3. If I had my dream house it would be on an acre of land
4. Surrounded by woods except for a small clearing for ritual
5. In a more temperate climate
6. like N. Carolina or Virgina (does Virginia get a lot of snow?)
7. If I had my druthers my neighbors would all move away, not because they're bad people (they're not), but because there's not enough space between our houses.
8. I want to be a combo of penda, elf, jet, jax, seasons, phae, firefly, dianna, and estara when I grow up.
9. I don't ever intend to grow up, apparently.
10.I have never felt all grown up, not with 3 kids, not with a grandkid. Ditto for feeling like a "mom" or "gramma".
11. I don't think you ever feel like any one thing, because we're all, you know, such a combo.
12. If you combine my first pet with the first street I lived on, my porno name would be stupid - Charcoal Wallace.
13. I am a witch. (really, did anyone not know that?)
14. In spite of not feeling like a "mom" I feel one thing I've done decently well in my life is parenting.
15. I have an associate's degree in Human Services: Youth and Adult Option aka social work.
16. Transferred to a 4 year, got into their asshard to get into program, chronic illness flair = drop out of 4 year school =
17. Work retail for (ugh) ever.
18. I have 2 cats, Jasmine and Ringo.
19.I had a dog Erica who died a year ago of cancer. I still miss her.
20. My eyes change color, based on mood.
21. I fancied myself a writer for quite awhile,
22.I've written nothing of substance for years.
23. I painted for awhile too
24. again, not for years.
25. I wlaked to elementary school and was jealous bus riders.
26. I rode a bus middle-high school and was jealous of those who lived close enough to walk.
27. I played the clarinet.
28. I solo-ed at a couple of concerts.
29. I had first seat and you had to "win" it every time someone challenged you.
30. I learned to hate playing.
31. As an adult I missed playing it, and realized how beautiful la clarinet can sound.
32. I wanted to play the flute.
33. Mom said no, everyone will take flute.
34. Mom loved the clarinet.
35. We had 3 times the clarinet players than flute players.
36. Mom was wrong.
37. Mom didn't care, *she* loved the clarinet.
38. I played the oboe, too, for awhile - now there is a hauntingly lovely sound, oboe.
39. I learned to barely pick out a tune on an organ.
40. I love to sing.
41. I suck at singing.
42. I love to dance.
43. I suck less at dancing.
44. My hair is barely more brown than gray now.
45. I started turning gray at age 20.
46. I was pregnant with my daughter at 20 - I blame that for the graying.
47. I raised 2 kids for 8 years alone.
48. Then I met my current hubby.
49. We had a kid and baby makes 3 (kids).
50. We're insane.
51. I love my husband of 15 years.
52. Our love continues to deepen.
53. I wouldn't trade him for anyone.
54. He is insane to live with me.
55. I am grateful for other people's insanity.
56. I went to midelling school.
57. I had a decently well-known photographer offer to take me on.
58. I photographed well.
59. I chickened out.
60. I thought I was ugly.
61. I was an ass.
62. I sell eyewear.
63. I hate it.
64. They pay me too well to quit when we need the money.
65. I take solace in being paid too well to quit and being able to work part-time.
66. I live in a boring ass looking 2 story colonial.
67. I've learned to love the inside of my house.
68. I've never been able to wrap my mind around the concept of suicide, though I'd often wish to fall alseep for a few weeks and wake up "when it was all better."
69. I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
70. I'm proud of the person I've become in spite of it.
71. I did 2 seminars of the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse in our community, how to spot it, how to react to it, how to refer for treatment of it, at 2 churches.
72. One was a Methodist church, one was a Roman Catholic church.
73. Many people showed up at the methodist church, few at the catholic.
74. I cried for the Katrina victims.
75. I cry for the people in every disaster, whether nature or manmade.
76. I hate amusement rides.
77. I'm afraid of heights.
78. I'm afraid of flying, but I've done it.
79. I'm afraid of drowning and I did that, too. It sucked. I've had a fear of water ever since.
80. I cannot swim to save my life.
81. The bug that grosses me out the most is the centipede. The look, the speed, the crunch when you kill them -ICK!!!!!!!!!!
82. The bug that can kill me is the wasp, any flavor. They die first, trust me.
83. All my kids have chronic illnesses.
84. My daughter has a bleeding disorder "only" an issue for internal bleeding and surgeries as outer bleeding where you can apply pressure, she will not die. DDAVP is her best friend.
85. My older son has benign postural vertigo. Therapy through particular exercises helps, doesn't cure.
86. My youngest son has myriad digestive disorders. Without his meds, he will die.
87. Their only common link is me.
88. Apparently I'm a pollutant to the gene pool. That makes me laugh, a lot.
89. I have a sister and a brother who live in other states.
90. My sister and I are very different.
91. My brother and I didn't speak for about 7 years. At my "request". We're speaking again now.
92. I buried my 19 y/o nephew in August. I've still not recovered. I don't think i ever will.
93. I am the executrix of my mother's will.
94. I have her power of attorney if she loses her mind.
95. I am expected to enforce her living will desires.
96. I do not want to.
97. I will, anyway.
98. I keep my word.
99. Unless I can't.
100. :P~

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