pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Back and neck are angry

Five weeks now. Three or four of them (hard to remember as pain deletes my memory) have had one of "my headaches" in them. As the most recent one descended on me yesterday I realized just tightly I manage some physical duties in my life to keep the pain at bay. I stop and take breaks before I've hit the point of no return. I'm careful with lifting and how much above-the-shoulder work I do, especially on my right side. I listen to my body and if something doesn't get done today then I know there is always tomorrow. If I die during the night I doubt I'll mind much what task wasn't completed.

Every now and then life hits a place where I have to do a ridiculous amount of things in a short period of time that put me in the danger zone of one of my headaches. This is pretty rare, but it happened right before camp this year. Then I'm tweaky for awhile and have to be extra careful not to trigger more of them with little things. I don't remember what brought on 2 and 3. Something. This last one was because I was assisting another person, time was short and there was much to do. I was going along feeling great. Even then I took 3 breaks specifically to stretch my back and neck then a fourth one to also do my up-the-wall leg stretches. It is frustrating.

Time to reassess and figure out how not to be incapacitated anymore by these headaches. I'm tired of lost days. *grump*

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