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Gratitude Project; Day 28

For veloci-rabbits. You may have never heard of them, but they live in my yard. Yesterday I went out to check on the state of the wee vegetable garden. I bent to move the bricks that hold the bottom edge of the "invisible" fencing and noticed a hole in it a few inches above the ground and about the size of a large fist. I had found one hole a month earlier and patched it and it had remained patched. I figured it was from the one baby bunny I had seen on the outside of the garden looking forlornly at the forbidden plants.

I decided to check the rest of the fence and found the same sized hole every 6-9 inches on every side. Blerg! Immediately a movie scene popped into my head. If you've seen _Jurassic Park_ there is a sequence with the velociraptors and the expert talking about them and the safety features of their enclosure because of them methodically testing the fences for weakness. So! My mind flashed that scene and thought, "Veloci-rabbits!"

I was amused. This was a good thing to be as I spent the next hour reinforcing the fencing.

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