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Gratitude Project; Day 15

For chain saw oil.

When is a branch too thick for a handsaw+me? When it is 4" diameter apparently. I finally found the chain saw oil after much futile hand sawing and in less than 60 seconds I had that branch and 2 smaller ones cut. Though I admire the acrobatic agility of the backyard squirrel I have told him over and over that he gets what the birds push to the ground and he may not help himself at the feeder. Did he listen? Nnnooooooo .... like a toddler he found the spring in his legs to make the leap from a branch I had cut branch a few years ago. I guess the branch has grown back some.
While I was fruitlessly sawing away a chickadee sat over my head on a branch no more than a foot above and just watched. I told to her to have patience, she'd be eating again soon. She just sat and watched. Really, she has a beak. At least she could have pecking away at the cut. :p
Branches cleaned up, ladder and multiple saws put away and before I was back in the house the squirrel is back on the ground under the feeder with a mourning dove and a grackle. The cardinals, blue jays, and chickadees are eating in the top floor dining room. As it should be. *nod*

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