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 Two weeks! 
***Chanting a Circle Cast: Creating Sacred Space Through Sound*** 
Join us for a free workshop on Saturday, August 24th wherein we shall chant the elements with prayer beads. We will raise our voices as a personal and community healing by casting a circle with repetitive chants.
Where: A private residence in the South Hills near Pittsburgh, PA
When: August 24, 2013; 1p.m. to 6 p.m.
Why: to be in community and practice chanting technique and a different way of creating sacred space.
Cost: nothing
What to bring: prayer beads, bought or maybe, in the standard 5 decade pattern. If you have no beads and no means to get some a length of yarn or rope with the appropriate knots will work, too. Also bring pot luck dish to share.
For location address email witches2brew@gmail.com

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