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My life as a sit-com

In the seeming never-ending saga of "what will I destroy next?" - a cable and light apparently. I attempted to adjust the garage door so it wouldn't bounce back open when it hits bottom/ground when using the electric opener. It really wasn't anything I did to it. It was merely an unhappy coincidence. The cable holding the spring that wraps around the pulley snapped. When it did so, the large spring shot over and took the fluorescent fixture from its mooring in the ceiling and dropped it to the floor. Amazingly only one bulb smashed. YoungerBoy was in the garage in a matter of seconds to see what had happened and I was staring in surprise at the mess. I am very grateful the spring didn't pop the other way and crack me. I suppose after almost 50 years it was bound to snap. I am now eyeing the other cables suspiciously.

Cables, strings, cords in this house are breaking like gangbusters. Two in an upstairs double-hung window in the guest bedroom and no longer stays open without a prop (which in this case is a book or a fan). One in the bathroom upstairs so the window opens then slides mostly closed. I have a call in to a local repair place. If it isn't too pricey I'll have them also replace the balances in other 3 windows because I imagine they're on the verge of breaking, too, since they're all ... you guessed it ... almost 50 years old. Geez, I hope the wiring holds up. :p

In other news - we went to Crete in our coven work tonight. I didn't break anything while there.

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