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Our vacation on the Cape - in links with photos

We went to the tip and stayed in Provincetown. It was lovely and fun. We arrived Monday evening and departed Friday morning.

I'm doing the post with links to save my friends' page and they pop up in a new window to save sanity.

Here is the link to the whole album with sub albums if you don't want any commentary.

For light commentary here they are separately. Twelve albums, 8 of them with less than a dozen photos:

Mystic Seaport. We stopped here on the way up. I hadn't been since I was a kid and the hubster had never been. The thing that someone said looks like a turtle is actually a bird's nest full of hungry babies with their mouths open in the rafters of the working shipyard. The mom came back and landed a bit aways, eyeing me. So I left so she could feed them. And yes, we took turns rowing on land. Because we're dorks.

Views from the studio we rented. It was very cute and crazy reasonable. The only downside was no Internet. This annoyed the hubster far more than one would have thought. Apparently I have rubbed off on him. A lot. *lol* Since we were only there for a short time and I had my phone I was fine.

Commercial Street. This is the main drag in P-Town and is used mostly as a sidewalk. Pedestrians rule the street and cars that dare to venture down its one way goodness do so at 5MPH and do not beep at the people to get out of the way. The atmosphere is both so laid back and energized at the same time. I loved it.

Tides in the harbor. The harbor is fairly shallow for a long way out. When it is low tide you can walk out at least 100 yards. I thought I'd taken photos when we walked out, but if I did they erased themselves. The boats pretty much sat on sand in low tide. Crazy. The owners walked out to them. The photos go from low to medium to high tide. The line of seaweed in the foreground of the low tide ones is where high tide came up to which was almost to the ally where we were staying. The deck with the ship's wheel was our communal deck. The hight tide photo with my peace sign shoe thong is sitting on the deck at high tide where the water ran all the way under it. When I stared through the railing it felt like I was on a boat and moving. Awesome. I took some video of that which is not in the album.

Across the Cape, oceanside. <3

One of the active fishing piers. The first photo - sleeping guy - made me laugh. People were diving from near him, hooting and hollering and he was "zzzzzzz". The last 3 photos - 1 and 2 is a wharf turned theater in the early to mid 1900's. Eugene O'neill and those sorts plays were performed there. The last photo - big ass birds.

Artist's rendering on the above mentioned theatre in model size

The best cupcakes in the world! Scottcakes (facebook page) and for the non FB'ers - delivers across the country. The batter is buttercream and they are so scrumptious they defy description. The birds photo - the hubster shares his food with BagelDog and FatCat at home. I guess he missed them because the crumbs that fell from his cupcake he picked up and tossed to the birds. I found this act hilarious and kind and preserved it.

Rainbow over harbor outside our rental.

Random photos. The last one is of a rainstick handmade in ceramic by Brenna who drove down to meet me on Tuesday. For the Thicketers and some other Delphi forum peeps it is the same Brenna. For FB'ers - yep same Brenna. Thank you again for coming to meet and for the rainstick!

Pilgrims monument. Notable because it is 252 feet high, built 1907-1910 of blacks in granite that weigh 4000 lbs. each. Which I found out after climbing it, but the notable part if I climbed it. Me, terrified of heights, went up it. And I didn't plaster my back to the wall once up there. (I did do that years back when I climbed a lighthouse and that was the last one I climbed.) There are photos  of the outside of it, photos from the landing outside on the ground, then photos after the climb. The cemetery you can see we walked through on the way to the monument reading old tombstones until the mosquitoes discovered the buffet that is the hubster. The fog rolled in and out while we were up there. There is shot with a tiny orange boat in it which is the same orange boat in the tides albums from our rental. We walked from the studio to the monument and back. It is a walking town as noted and we only took the car to go oceanside that one day. And a photo of the gargoyle.

Photos from the trip home. We came over a hill and my heart sang, "home" from the familiar view. Cool cloud shadow pic. Tunnels on the PA Turnpike because tunnels are awesome. The last small river we cross before home which means 10-15 minutes more in the car.

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