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The rules for courting really haven't changed in this guy's lifetime

 But it is so much easier to pretend they did.

The first part is context, but second part of [personal profile] elf 's post is clear and brilliant to deflate the argument of how it so hard to know how to hit on a woman "these days".

Here is the tempter quote from this post:

Pournelle, however, seems unable to make these distinctions. He claims to not know where the lines are now that the rules have been changed on him. (He wants very much to believe that the rules have changed, rather than that these have always been the rules and we're just being more vocal about who's breaking them.) He says,
I am trying to be an anthropologist here. If Margaret Meade could ask Samoan girls about their coming of age; I surely can ask pros and fans about modern courtship conventions. We used to think we knew what they were, but now old customs are considered harassment, quite possibly rightly so. But what is the non-harassment ritual of proposing a hookup’? I am long out of that game; so it’s just curiosity on my part…
Gee, Jerry... I can think of at least one other act you do, that can be done alone but sometimes involves another person, where a high level of trust and some intimacy is required, which can be done with a near-stranger, is usually better with a friend, but the stranger may bring experiences that surprise you.

When and how is it appropriate to ask someone to co-author a novel with you?

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