pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

50 Book Challenge 2005 - ended

I bow out. Too much pressure. Bwahahahaha. Ok, seriously, I wanted to do it, at least in theory I did. I still have a bunch of books I ordered to work my way through. I will, but not now, and likely not through the end of the year. If I read any others I'll post, but I'm no longer looking to accomplish the 50 or 40 or even 30. I want to reread Jambalaya when my friend returns it (soon I hope, I reminded her yesterday). I will reread parts of some I have, but I want to methodically go through my herb references. I want to methodically go through Jet's stone references. I realize not only do I not have a decent stone book, I'm not certain what author I could trust for info. Hhhhmmm ... rereading The Wise Woman herbal would be good. I also want to print off the pages from the luckymojo site that fascinate me. So .... no time for new books, I'll be studying my "stuff" instead. Yay! I'm excited!
Tags: 50book_challenge_05

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