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The dog; the kitchen

So, poor BagelDog was out on the tie-up Sunday night and came back in and a short bit later the kids saw a big swollen thing under her eye. We thought a bee sting, gave her Benadryl and the swelling abated a bit and she slept. Yesterday it was up and down in size, 2 doses of Benadryl and a Google search pointed to most likely a tooth abscess. The vet was closed yesterday and she was tag wagging and eating and barking all day.
I called the vet first thing this morning and got her in. She had a less than pleasant night and looked very unhappy this morning. So, we arrive and as we walk through the door she has a seizure. I had run out of Composure™ treats (using the last one during a thunderstorm on the weekend) that allowed her to go to the vet without seizures. When she first had them about 2 years ago it was deduced to be caused by stress. The treats kept them away with non-vet car rides, boarding which included doggie day care with other dogs, and during thunderstorms. I went to a pet store yesterday and bought a similar brand because i knew she would going to the vet today. I don't know if it was because the formula is a little different in the treats or because of the combined stresses of toothache, car ride, and vet. 

She came out of the seizure quickly, was dopey and unable to walk properly from post-seizure disorientation and the valium they gave her, but she was fine. Fluids, an antibiotic injection, and bloodwork and we're back home. The tooth will be removed once the infection is cleared. I have valium for her for before vet visits. More Composure™ treats for everything else and I hope a soon-to-be happier BagelDog. She is sleeping off the drugs now.

The kitchen is finally almost done. There are a few tweaks to finish up and I'm waiting for a call back on to schedule those. I am very pleased with how everything looks. It is very different and I am surprised when I see each time I go in and it's a little jarring in that I feel like I'm in someone else's house. Which is just weird.

So, that's the main update. I've been in kitchen remodel mode more than anything and I refrained from posting a blow-by-blow as it unfolded. Go me!

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