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Good to have my brain back

 The body got jacked pretty badly from a number of things, back to neck to that damn headache. It took days this time, more than a week to get decently right again. I surrendered to the twisted pain, engaged in proper self care (mostly).  Finally on oday I have just a touch of tightness from my right shoulder to neck and the brain fog has lifted. I exited my body a lot to avoid the pain and sometimes it takes a long time to get back. 

I have many books partially read and a huge invisible stack waiting in my ereader. As I tried to decide  which one to pick up while I waited for my brain to clear one kept insisting on a reread. Now, I don't mind rereading, but I have a ton unread waiting for me. Oh well, I'll not have any peace until I obey the command so I'm reading "Interior Castle" again. Perhaps I skipped a room the first go-round? ;-) 

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