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Hell week continues

 Multiple things: The remodelers are fine and dandy and seem really nice. It is interesting how those facts do not matter at all to my body. At least the parts that still don't do well with strange men in my house. If you've been reading here awhile you know why that is. Today the hubster was off so it was better than Weds. and Thurs., but he went to the grocery store and I hopped in the shower prior to the men arriving and timed it wrong. I had left the front door unlocked for them, but they were on the porch when I got out and I wasn't aware until I came downstairs. It was nice of worker guy to not come in even with the door open because it seemed wrong to him, but I felt like an ass for being in the shower late and then I realized how stressed I was for having left the door open for them "as a courtesy" for getting in the shower later than I'd planned. It's surprising how exhausting it is to be trapped on the upper floor with the cat and dog not reacting well to drills, saws, hammering and vibration under their feet as wire is threaded through the kitchen ceiling. Monday through Thursday next week should be grand. :/

And we've added a week to timeline by moving the cabinet install one week later because of fun things that have come up. It may not take a whole extra week, but there is no way to know that until we get there. Repeat :/

Yesterday I was so careful to make sure I had pillows at the proper angles so I would be sitting up straight while I caught up on camp work, progressed in the homework for my Time class, and answered emails. I must have still been sitting funny, and forward too much because the bottom 4-5 ribs on both sides are so very sore. I tried harder today to maintain decent posture in awkward places and still failed. I know part of the issue is how tense I am with the workers in the house.

So, feels like hell week from just a few days of that. Tomorrow is a Skype meeting from 9 a.m. until sometime after dinner. I wonder if I can tack my laptop to the ceiling and just lie in bed for it. "No, no, that snoring you hear is the cat! I'm awake in the meeting!"

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