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A repost of Elf's to which I say, "Hell, yes! This."

 I don't mind stories of heroism and help. I don't mind stories of crowd reactions. I am, however, sick of news stories of public officials announcing how they are Appalled and Going To Fix Things, how they are Cooperating With Other Agencies, and how the important thing is for all of us to get out of the way and let the cops (sheriffs, national guard, FBI, CIA, NSA, whatever) do their jobs to bring Safety And Prosperity to all of us.

Also, I think it's ridiculous that anyone is focusing on international terrorism. This has all the signs of a home-grown wingnut--someone with a grudge against Boston, or the marathon, or Patriot Day, or his ex-wife. (Maybe it was done by a "her"... but that's not where I'd put my money.) But sorting out possible suspects is indeed the job of one or more of those authorities; that part is, as such things go, fine.

I just don't need to hear every authority-figure with a badge who works within a 200 mile radius of Boston announcing how they're Working Hard To Make Things Right.

Just work hard to catch the criminal(s). Cops and legislatures and the military cannot "make things right;" they could only implement a lot of security theatre. It might even prevent a future event like this (doubtful; it didn't work in Northern Ireland), but even if it does, it'll be at a cost to personal liberties that definitely isn't "made right."
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