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High school senior girl writes satire, readers go berserk!

 Damned if you do, damned if you don't. First she writes satire and when folks do not realize it is satire, they go berserk calling her all sorts of names. Then when they realize it is satire they go berserk and call her all sorts of names. Being disappointed comes with life. Throwing a pity party when things go sour comes with being human.  Neither is wrong. Staying at the pity party for the rest of one's life is a problem. Writing a satirical piece to vent your frustrations is not a problem. Like all satire some will appreciate it and some will not, but the hateful vindictiveness tossed at this young girl just blows my mind. I'd be much happier if folks would encourage the creativity and courage that went into putting such a thing out there on the WSJ. But no. Better to cry foul because her sister used to work there and is likely the reason her Op-Ed piece got published. As if accepting assistance from loved ones is inherently wrong. Humans, we do not live in community, we do not accept nor give tips, tricks, and a leg up to those we love when we can. I am gobsmacked at the idea that a woman encouraging her younger sister to creatively rid herself of self pity and despair is a bad thing, unforgivable, and marks her for the rest of her life as a horrible person never to have compassion and empathy. She's a kid. Who wrote a short article. Get a grip, USA.

And I wonder if a high school senior boy with great athletic skills and a high GPA would have received the same level of vitriol. My guess is he would not because anger is allowed in men. Sarcastic humour is a valid vent for men. Because it is okay for men to react publicly to disappointment (watch sports some time if you do not know what I mean, or Congress after a vote), it is okay for them to be angry when efforts to get ahead are thwarted and it is just dandy when they receive help to deal with it.

You don't have to think she has great writing talent or a future career as an author. You don't have to appreciate her satirical view or be amused by it. You also don't have to verbally beat down a high school senior from all corners of the Internet, devaluing her very self because of a single opinion piece. Way to inspire youth to stretch beyond their own disappointments and find the oomph to keep going forward. Better to try to teach her to stuff her feelings. After all, she is a girl, she should get used to eating her disappointment.

No wonder this society is hard to live in. People hold you to a ridiculous standard, judge you mercilessly, and label you for life before you even graduate high school. Not when you've broken the law (Steubenville rapists, anyone?), but when you write a satire piece that gets widely circulated. WTF, USA. W.T.F.

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