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Online Time as an ally class starts today

 Here is the description from the FB page, which is public for all FB users:

Time Magic: a sacred working with Time as an ally and element
by Claudia Manifest and Raven Edgewalker  

In this four week, on-line, interactive class we will explore our relationship to and with Time. We will strive to create, expand, and deepen a healthy and beneficial sacred conversation with this crucial and often ignored or maligned magical element. Work will include (but may not be limited to) : Creating a sacred understanding of Time as a magical ally and element; Time's crucial role in the practical magics of chance, synchronicity, luck, and manifestation; Working with deities and other entities associated with Time and it's magics; Working magically with the past, present, future; Exploring and experiencing Time in other realms; and accepting and manifesting change in your life with the aide of Time as an ally. If you choose to join us on this journey, be prepared for your magic and your worldview to be expanded and strengthened for all time!

Link if you think you may want to sign up next time.

I am excited with the thought of better time management through the idea of not fighting time, but working with it. One of the first things is to carry/wear a preferably wind-up watch with actual hands. I originally thought I'd use a travel clock because I thought the timepiece was for during doing the work. It is instead for all day, every day. I quit wearing watches years ago and just use my phone for a clock when out. So, my dad had either his dad's or grandad's pocket watch under a little watch display dome. I thought it was broken, but since it was an ancestor piece it was kept. I decided to wind it and see what happened. Hello!!!!!!! Working and keeping time! I cannibalized and reworked a chain and some loops and clips so it can hang on my belt loop. For non-belt loop days I can carry it. The weight is perfectly balanced in my hand. I keep looking at it in happiness and feeling my connection backwards in my dad's family while my father smiles from the other side. I am so pleased.

Here is the watch I have - ok, not my watch, the make and model

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