pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

Another Skype meeting today - Reclaiming summer intensive

I missed the last one for OlderBoy's birthday after I'd planned around it (unsuccessfully planned as it turned out). Today's could be up to 3 hours long. I didn't miss any sleep from daylight saving change, I just slept in, but 3 hours sounds long even for creating the story arc. The other meetings have gone insanely fast, though, so I expect this one will, too. It is a completely new type of process for me being on the ritual arc team for the summer intensive, but is so interesting and I've already learned a ton about this style of group dynamic. 

The next meeting is in person in April, but I'm booked on the 21st from an April commitment I made in the fall that got firmed up in recent weeks. So I won't be traveling for the in-person meeting, but skyping in Saturday the 20th. Oops - starts at 4 - got to go!

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