pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

My poor right leg!

 Zenflex class was yesterday which was the day after shoveling multiple inches of snow to get out of the garage and up the drive. This activities left me limping today. Rarely do I shovel snow because I was told not to so I could avoid ever needing disc surgery on my neck. Nobody ever said anything about my hip, leg, knee whatever parts turning on me! Since my Mate's job has him going in 3 hours early (every day plus working on his day off) he was unavailable to do it. I was scheduled open to close at work with theoretically a full book of appointments. A lot of people canceled, but many of the later day appointments came so the day was not as theoretical as we thought it would be.

So - owie owie owie on the leg. It just kind of all fell that way with the snow and the pilates part of the zenflex class. Heat, pain rub, stretching and weird shifting of positions for hours was what I did this afternoon and evening until no more limp. I am not expecting to deal with this again, like ever, because the damn snow can wait until Spring to melt next time. Damnit. *grump*

But hey - better now!

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