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You can't judge a book .....

by its cover they say (though trust me sometimes you can). I believe you can judge a book by its page trim. My book geek rule #1: If a book has a ruffled page edge it is a fantastic book! The words do not matter. Once they've been put on on pages that are uneven in width the book rocks. Period.

At my company we had a rewards program that allowed you to purchase more crap that you don't need. <----This is past tense only because whatever the parameters are for gaining rewards I am now outside of them. I barely ever looked at the items available for point purchase because I have been trying to de-clutter not re-clutter. The points have hung around, sadly neglected, being used only to buy a random cute t-shirt we were briefly allowed to wear to work. Oh, and I bought the same t-shirt for a new co-worker who had no points. For some reason I was on the site where the points are (looking up some marketing somesuch) and I thought WTH! Use the points.

I feel like I won prizes! I ordered some balancing exercise thing that I never would have paid for even though it is useful, a USB cord extender, and 2 books. One of the books is the first complete translation of _The Tibetan Book of the Dead_. It came with ruffled edges. *bookgeekfaint*

I take back my snarky comments about the rewards program.

Ruffled edge properly known as deckled trim:

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