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Last night after trance I committed to pulling the feeling of Me-as-I-Am-at-the-Ocean™ into my semi-landlocked existence when not on vacation. Pittsburgh is only semi-landlocked in my mind because we have 2 rivers (Allegheny and Monongahela) that form a third (the Ohio) which feeds into the Mississippi which flows to the Gulf of Mexico. One of the ways I connect to the sea is with the feeling of flowing out to the All. I connect to water in its many forms and lakes and ponds are pretty, but rivers to the ocean pull on my core in ways landlocked lakes do not. I think that is one reason this region has been able to hold my residence.

BeachMe is relaxed, energized, and focused on the myriad of things that make me happy. I can have most of BeachMe here at home for the in-between vacation times. I will learn to wrap BeachMe around my daily non-vacation activities and feel that Joy here. I will also learn it so when the hubster retires and we are dividing our time the transition will not feel as such a shock.

This morning I went to the vase that I'd topped with a fireproof dish to burn my Yemaya blend incense on, lifted the dish and sifted my fingers through the sand and shells I'd gathered on vacation one year in Fenwick Island, DE. I have a ridiculous amount of seashells and stones I've gathered from the beach in various places. They are stashed around the house and many are stored in containers in drawers with no idea where or how to display them. I will work on sorting these and finding interesting ways to have them around the house so I am reminded of who I am when I am my best self in every room.

I also listened to the sea in my shells this morning. (Yes, I do know you can achieve the same effect with a cupped hand. I prefer the shell.) I bought fabric on Monday for my next art project which is unsurprisingly a "how I feel at the beach" themed creation that will hang in my house where I see it every day. So Monday I finally had inspiration for my next project. Tuesday we tranced and ways were revealed to feel me-at-the-sea even here in the 'Burgh. Today I started the transformative work.

I decided that the inner me I am drawing to full should also be reflected in the outer me. How I look at the beach is a leap from how I look at home. I can't do shorts in winter (because I freeze easily), but I can wear my shirts that are beachy color with a cardigan. My fish scarf will be seen year round. (It is much prettier than it sounds.) And my hair. I am skipping the conditioner that flattens it and letting it mostly air dry in the waves it wishes to form. Inside outside and outside inside. Congruence.

The countertop I chose for the kitchen even reflects the motion of the ocean. That is why it appealed to me so. The backsplash is in beach colors. All of this has be circling around me for months, diving in here and there, trying to draw my attention. And now it has.

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