pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

My eyes hate me now

I spent an enormous amount of time today working between laptop and e-reader trying to manipulate files that had NO intention of being manipulated. They were PDF, not locked, not password protected, completely editable - except I still couldn't do what I wanted. I d/l'ed a trial version of Acrobat Pro and still the files snickered and lied down and did nothing. I like puzzles, I like figuring things out, I like winning. These wee buggers beat me fair and square and my eyes paid the price. To rest them I closed all that up and watched J Edgar the movie. Mostly stuff I knew, some I didn't, no sugarcoating and the way in which it was done felt refreshing.

I have to work on the spring intensive Lora and I are planning for mid-April. I'm part of the ritual arc team for witchcamp this year so that work is ongoing. I have another big spiritual milestone around Beltane. In the fall there will be a handfasting I'll be co-clergying. Wow spellcheck, it's not a word? Really? :p  And a myriad of other things in between is my guess.

*yawn* I really need to make these earlier nights.

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