pjvj (pjvj) wrote,

I hate Winter

I am cold. I may not have mentioned this (I have, often, but you may have missed the 85 gazillion times), but I hate winter. No, I am not glad the earth is "resting". Resting from what?? Fall? Give me a break. No, it is not a "beautiful blanket of white". It is a cold non-blanket of slippery needs-to-be-shoveled crap lying all over my pretty outdoor floor.

Did I mention I was cold? Even with a furnace? Because cold is like that. It sneaks in everywhere. Damn cold. I hate winter. I think maybe in a previous life I died of hypothermia and that's why I hate it so much. Anything that has killed you at least once before should be hated. 

It is snowing every day now. For like 180 days in a row (or 5, I can no longer remember). Every day there is enough snow that the driveway needs to be shoveled to get up it without visiting the neighbors through their wall. With my car. Uninvited. Except I cannot shovel the snow because of the crappy discs in my neck. So I have to wait for someone else to shovel. Last night after YoungerBoy shoveled I salted the crap out of our driveway. Take that, driveway! When I got up this morning it was still clear of snow. Yay! I can go out today! (Except it is too godsdamn cold to go out.) The sun had even come out this morning. So I had some coffee and now the sun is in and it is snowing. W.T.F. It's like enjoying coffee brings punishment.

And that's my January. Except now it is February and I can't tell because the world looks the same out my window. Punxutawney Phil is probably a liar and should be shot for stew. I am cold. And I hate winter. Just so you know.

And all of this is why I need a beach house. South of here. I could so love winter if it was on the beach in a warmer place that sees 1" of snow as dangerous and the whole town shuts down and people act like it's the greatest thing ever because they only see it maybe once a year. That's a winter I could love. I could love it to death.

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