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 The article is linked below, but the part that is so disturbing to me is the idea that if a woman does not say no according to the rapist's imaginary rules then she has not been raped.

Excerpt: What he is talking about is a lack of explicit non-consent. He is talking about women as though they are a permanent state of consent, a state that must explicitly be revoked to constitute rape. He is speaking about women as though they exist to be sexually used, as though they have no inner lives, as though they have no basic bodily rights. He is speaking about women as not needing to give consent, but being 100% responsible for loudly and verbally withdrawing it. He’s speaking about women as being obligated to say “stop,” but about men as being in no way required to ensure that there is a meaningful “go.”

Rape Apologism in Action: “She didn’t say anything at all.”

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