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 Still tired. I blame winter because I've been getting gobs of sleep.

I believe I've figured out a way to get the dishwasher built in with the kitchen remodel. The wall that houses the clothes chute has about 6 inches of dead air space. Why the clothes chute is 13" deep, but the box it lives in is 20" deep is a mystery. The only thing I can figure is the cabinets and fridge cubby were plotted out by the builder and the extra 6" just got boxed in for looks. I will be very pleased to be rid of the portable dishwasher. I was happy to have it, but because of the layout of the kitchen it is a pain. I'm pretty sure I'm going with a drawer dishwasher. A double one. 

I had an hours long coffee session with a friend today which = exceedingly awesome. *grin*

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